Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wall Art

For years, I have unintentionally been collecting black and white photos, etc. I have found these in many different forms. Every Christmas, for instance, I'd get a new black and white calendar of some sorts..sometimes Ansel Adams photography, sometimes b/w architecture, but either way when the year was over they were just too pretty to throw out!

I began tearing out calendar pages and also keeping b/w photos I've taken myself and knew one day I'd have a project for them. When Matt and I bought our first home almost 2 years ago (wow!) we had many new blank walls to fill. Since we both love black and white pictures, I knew I now needed to decorate with the ones I had.

I bought these inexpensive, maybe $8 each, frames w/ glass from Bed, Bath and Beyond. They have a thin black border and no matte. They were just the right size for my b/w calendar photos. I also wanted to mix it up a bit and started to find some white frames to go with the black and you get the idea. So, I ended up with quite a few, all different, but with a common theme, photos. They were all framed and all b/w pictures.

I have a huge dining room wall that needed to be filled and wanted to use this collection there. It was so overwhelming to look at such a vast space and try and figure what to put there that won't look miniature! I knew it would make a bold statement in a series. I started to flip through magazines, which is an amazing way to figure out things you like. Just tear out the pages of things that strike you and then create a way to re-create what you see in the designer ads. I cannot take full credit for the arrangement, as my friend Laura helped me with the layout.

It is now up and I adore it. It is very striking and most everyone will at least comment on the series or a particular picture. There is a photo here of the wall and hope it will inspire you to tackle those large walls you have and have no idea what to do with. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Becoming "Tech Savvy"..well trying at least

I went to lunch with a good friend earlier this week and she and I always end up talking about books; what we are currently reading, what is getting headlines, etc. She mentioned to me that she has fallen for A New Earth. This is Eckhart Tolle's newest and is getting all the rage from Oprah..It's part of her book club these days, complete with an online discussion, post each chapter. Simply Amazing.

So, getting to the point, I want to read this book, but as I've come to know myself and my schedule lately, this is next to impossible. Then I got to thinking, "what about an audiobook that I can listen to in my car?" Better yet, why don't I put it on my Ipod! Now, some of you may be saying, DUHH, but this is new to me. I do adore my Ipod, but really only use it for music. No videos, no tv shows, just music. I have a newfound love... Audiobooks on my Ipod.

My afternoon walks and/or gym outings will be pretty close to perfect now and I will be able to complete a book that I start from here on out!

So, the savvy part of this story is two-fold. No matter what software you use online to download music, etc you will be able to get audiobooks. I would advise steering away from iTunes just because they are the most expensive (like $18.95!). I have found another great website to purchase these audiobooks, though. It's The Audiobook Store. All audiobooks are just $7.49. And the good part is, once you finish the book, you just delete it from your computer and Ipod and you have that space back, since they are big files.

I am also a huge fan of using your local library. They too will have audiobooks, they just won't be the newest ones..great way to catch up on older books, though and they are FREE! You can even go online and place things on hold and they will email you when they are in and ready to be picked up. Very simple and again, FREE!

So in this beautiful weather, do yourself a favor; download a book, go for a leisurely walk and have some alone time..it will do a body and mind good!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Casual Introduction

This is my first day to blog..ever..feel a little behind the times. I have been wanting to do this for quite some time now, just couldn't decide on which route I wanted to take and what I wanted to discuss. Finally I have it...I want to discuss my savvy spending tips with friends and anyone else interested. I am always open for suggestions and would love questions!

I love to shop, but at the same time I hate to spend full price on anything. I like the hunt of trying to find a good deal, whether that be the perfect dress, my amazing new leather chair, or a caterer. To me THAT is the fun part of shopping or making purchases! I am one who loves a good sale, but will pick through it to find something I need. I really watch not buying something solely becasue it's on sale..that is NOT a bargain. Only buy what you will use of maybe what you have been looking for. I've come to see that most everything will go "on sale" at some point or another, it's just whether or not buying that item or service is savvy or not. Let's make the right choice here!

Now, I do want to make clear this is not just about your typically definition of "shopping." I want to include ways to save in all areas of life. I guess shopping just happens to be on my mind today!
Being an Event Coordinator by day, I have some very creative ways to do events and parties that will just take a little money and some time. I also want to discuss new businesses I find that can help you and me out at a reasonable cost, maybe include some free and fun things to do around town, etc. I will have to see how the mood strikes me I think...

Once again, anything dealing with Savvy Spending, I want to discuss! So, bring on the questions and comments please. Thanks for reading and hope you will continue.